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    Home > Products >Explosion-Proof Electrical Apparatus

    • SH-KZX explosion-proof control box(Button box d II B/DIP)

    SH-KZX explosion-proof control box(Button box d II B/DIP)

    Sample: SH-KZX11-4-4-2A-1V-1(II B)

    Noted: Flameproof enclosure d II C push button box with four buttons, for indicators,two ammeters, one voltage meter and one switch on the panel.


    1. Hazardous: division 1&2

    2. Explosive gas atmosphere: II A, II B

    3. Indoor and outdoor (IP56)



    1. Materials: CS or SS, argon protected precision welding.

    2. Surface treatment: coating or chemical treatment

    3. Inlet and outlet: with explosion-proof cable gland

    4. Inlet, outlet and size can be designed according to the requirement of customer

    Main technical Parameters

    Rated Voltage(V)Rated Current(A)Ex-markDegree of protectionErosion-proof class
    AC 380/220/110       DC24/36/48---------------Exd II BT6IP56W,WF1,WF2

    Noted: If you have some special requirements for erosion-proof class, Indicate it when ordering. Outlet hole for cable gland and cable diameter comparison table

    Specification of cable gland1620s20253240506375
    Cable diameter D(mm)5.5-129.5-1612.5-2016.9-2622-3328-4136-52.646-65.358-78

          Outline & installation dimension

    SH-KZX explosion-proof control box(Button box d II B/DIP)

    SH-KZX11-2-2-0-0(II B)300170110

    Noted: Above example merely be illustrated, various boxes can be made according to the requirement of customer.